Fair Tax


Why I support the Fair Tax Amendment


People do not seem to understand the difference between what we will actually vote about November 3rd and the proposal on the table as to how the reforms might look. These are different things. They have to be considered separately. Really. You do not vote for the progressive tax or against it, you vote to change the Illinois constitution.


The amendment to the Illinois constitution eliminates the flat tax and replaces the language about that with language empowering the legislature to set tax rates.

Here is why you should vote for it, regardless of anything else: You are not being protected from over-taxation by the current language. What has happened is this: For many years the legislature has had to find ways to work around the limitations placed on its revenue-raising by the current language. That means they have slapped us with a hundred smaller taxes and fees on everything we do. The effect is that you are among the most taxed people in the USA, right now.


Conclusion: It’s time to do something else. Vote to change the constitution.


That brings us to the second part. What should we do if we change the constitution?


The governor’s plan, as it stands, raises taxes on the wealthy and for the most part cuts taxes for everyone else. Here is a calculator to learn what will happen to your taxes if that plan is passed.




But, be aware, the legislature does not have to pass this plan. It will be subject to all of the standard debates and arguments. The rich people will try to stop this when it is in process. They might succeed. In fact, they will do all in their power to make sure that you get screwed and they pay nothing. That is what they do.


I will fight against that if you send me to Springfield. In fact, I will work to make the governor’s plan better for you –to reduce other regressive taxes along with the implementation of a progressive tax, to end tax-breaks for big corporations, and to make sure that the wealthy actually pay not just more, but what is actually fair.


So consider this:

Since you are already taxed to death;

Since the state constitution is NOT protecting you;

Since the amendment would allow you to hold your own representatives responsible for what is done with the new tax structure;


What on earth do you think you have to gain by keeping things as they are?


Meanwhile, a lot of very rich people are spending a lot of money to tell you lies about what you would be voting for or against.


It's the rich people who don't want this new language and who are bankrolling this attempt to brainwash the fearful ordinary people who (rightly) don't trust the government, but who wrongly believe the mere possibilities that the rich people make up to scare them into compliance with what does not serve anyone but those same rich people. They have been doing this since our Republic was founded. They are doing it now, and they always will do it. That's how they got rich and how they keep everybody else poor and struggling. If they gave a damn about anything that was "fair" they probably wouldn't be rich.


Believe them if you are foolish, but they don’t care about you. Send me to Springfield and I won’t let them screw you.

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  • Randy Auxier